Classicum is an esteemed association dedicated to the commemoration and exaltation of the rich cultural heritage and artistic magnificence of the illustrious city of Lucca. With the primary goal of engaging and inspiring the youth of the region, Classicum offers a comprehensive platform for showcasing the city's unparalleled art, history, and cultural traditions through an array of thoughtfully curated events and activities.
From captivating music and dance performances to art exhibitions and historical tours, Classicum provides an immersive and engaging space for young people to connect with and appreciate the vibrant cultural tapestry of Lucca. By honoring the city's storied past and vibrant present, Classicum seeks to foster a deep sense of community pride and identity among its members and inspire a new generation of cultural enthusiasts. Through its unwavering commitment to the preservation and celebration of the city's cultural heritage, Classicum serves as a beacon of excellence and inspiration for all those who share a passion for the arts and culture.